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Dinosaur specialty store HAKUA


When I was young, I was fascinated by "dinosaurs" and "prehistoric creatures."

I think there are many people who can remember how they liked dinosaurs.

Now that I am an adult, I am working on living things that have survived since ancient times with almost no change in shape.

We also hold events that make use of ancient creatures.

Suddenly, my friends and sister asked me, "Where can I buy dinosaur goods?" Even if I searched, I couldn't find a store that specializes in dinosaurs, and since I am in Fukui prefecture, which is a dinosaur prefecture, isn't it okay to have a store that specializes in dinosaurs? I went to the store thinking that.

​ We will gradually increase the lineup and aim to become the best dinosaur specialty store in Japan. A real store is scheduled to open after seeing the state of Corona.

When I was having trouble with the name of the shop, the name HAKUA was recommended by the dinosaur painter CAN, and I named it from there. We also handle goods for various people related to dinosaurs.

We will continue to develop products that will please dinosaur lovers and dinosaur lovers, so please look forward to it.

​ Representative Kojima


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