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It is a collaboration product of dinosaur painter CAN and HAKUA. Fukuisaurus of sumi-e is drawn and there is a collaboration sign behind it. Compatible with all IPHONE and Android smartphones.

You will be asked to attach your mobile phone to the slide on the back of your notebook.

When shooting, the camera part slides out of the notebook by sliding.


The color pattern will be black and white.

CAN × HAKUA Sumi-e Fukuisaurus mobile phone case notebook type

SKU: 0001
  • ・ Common to Iphone and Android. Comes with a magnet belt. The inside is a stylish black notebook type case.


    ・ UV printing

    Length 140 mm x Width 75 mm x gusset 22 mm (recommended size length 135 mm x width 70 mm)


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